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Junk or Info: College Emails and Letters

Colleges are always looking to promote how to pick the best college for students. They advertise anything that they can to intrigue students to use the username and password they provide. The emails colleges send have links where students can go to get information on which college would be best for them. “These can help you […]

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Babies In Need

An all volunteer group in Vancouver is working to provide baby supplies to families in need. They’re always searching for donations of all kinds and appreciate anything usable given to them. This group of people have taken on the simple name ‘Babies in Need’ and has been going on since 1999. Since they started, according […]

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New Year, New Yearbook

Another year has passed, but for the yearbook staff, this only means more things to come. With senior quotes, ensuring it’ll be error-free, and surprises in store, this yearbook staff plans on it being something special. Although there was a rumor going around about taking away senior quotes, they are still in action. There was […]

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CHS Posters – A Process

Without regulation, posters on the walls of Camas High School would be anarchy. That’s why it was interesting to notice a few joke signs on the walls last week, only for them to promptly disappear the next day. That lead to a number of questions, first of which was: “what is the process of getting […]

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Announcements vs. Projector

Out with the announcements and in with the lunch projections. The announcements are completely gone with no plan to bring them back so far. What does this mean for getting information out? Last year and years before, the announcements played over the intercoms during second period, telling students and staff the latest news and changes […]

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Switching it Up With IAA

IAA is making the big switch down to the annex. This year IAA has gotten a complex of classrooms down at, what used to be, Lacamas Heights Elementary. IAA got the annex because “We were planning on getting it for 6 years, and when the elementary school finally moved, we got the annex.” is what […]

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Adventures in Downtown Camas: Part One

Everyone knows where downtown Camas is but many may not be aware of all the gems the quaint neighborhood has to offer. So, this is the first in a series of articles that will highlight the happenings downtown, as well as the history that makes the neighborhood unique. Camas was originally named La-camas and the […]