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Freshmen’s First In-Person Experiences at CHS

Freshmen at Camas High School had a very interesting first year, which began with remote learning, transitioned to two days of in-person school per week, then shifted to four days of school per week.   CHS Freshman, Sophia Rundle said, “I really enjoyed coming back to in-person school as I hated Zoom. The school was also […]

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Zoom’s Fate With Next School Years Schedule

It is uncertain what next year’s school schedule will be but Camas High School students, teachers, and staff are swarming with hopes and expectations. Some prefer four days a week in school, while others have been doing their best remotely. The majority of students at CHS are attending school in person with a handful of […]

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Teacher And Student Thoughts On Hybrid Learning

On the eighth of March, Camas High School will be welcoming all students back for what is known as a hybrid schedule. This topic has been fairly controversial among students and teachers. Everyone has varying opinions about this decision. Teachers and students give their views about this subject and what they like and dislike about […]