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IAA Program Cut

On February 18, Camas School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Charlene Williams announced in an email that CHS is canceling the Integrated Arts and Academics program. The six-year-old program is being canceled due to low enrollment, as well as a lack of funding and staff availability. Many IAA students are expressing sadness following the abrupt news. […]

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IAA Artist Residencies

The Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA) program provides numerous opportunities to work with professionals in artistic fields. Most recently, musician Emily Aldridge has come in for a residency; that residency began Tuesday, December 4th. In IAA, artist residencies provide an opportunity for students to experience new art forms and gain new information from professionals in […]

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All of the Academic Options

There are many options available for high school in Camas. All of these are able to provide students with the environment where they are most likely to succeed. Dr. Jeff Snell, the Superintendent of Camas School District, said, “the goal is to help students be inspired and engaged in learning. ” One of the options […]

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Get to Know: Ruhiyyih Wittwer

Ruhiyyih Wittwer is an English Teacher at CHS for freshmen and sophomores, including those of the Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA) program. She answered a number of “get to know you” style questions as part of a new series for the Camasonian “Get to Know”. The purpose of the series is to help people in […]

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Artist Katie Lyons

IAA has many great artists, Katie Lyons is just one example. Katie is a Senior at Camas High School and she joined IAA as a sophomore. Before she joined IAA, she got into the arts by “ …Doodling on the sides of my papers or singing with siblings” and IAA was an opportunity to do […]

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IAA Art Gallery

Friday, February 10, the Integrated Arts and Academics students had their first art gallery of the year at Camas Public Library. The 9th grade IAA students pop-art linoleum prints were shown on the second floor of the library from 5-8pm and some of the student´s linoleum prints could be purchased.  Also, the juniors and seniors […]