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Library 101

Some students aren’t aware of what the library is used for at Camas High School. At the library, it can really be used for anything, homework, reading, and studying. The library is opened at all time for the most part. You can use the library as a good resource for really anything. ¬† This year […]

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What is the Learning Center?

This year Camas High School has introduced a new program called the learning center. ¬†It has been placed in the room where the Career Center was located, the career center is a place to go to get help with after school plans, like college or recommendation letters and more. The Learning Center, is a place […]

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Procrastination Awareness Week

With only a certain amount of time during the day, it is important to do the most with it. Unfortunately, many people struggle with procrastination. According to,¬†procrastination can be described as putting off or delaying something that needs attention. During the month of March, the nation observes Procrastination Awareness week. Most people have procrastinated […]