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Home and Economic Classes at CHS

High School prepares students for the future academically, but does not always prepare them with the life skills they need to take care of themselves. To ease this, CHS has electives such as Introduction to Foods that teach students basic life skills. It is then up to the student to decide if they need to […]

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Measles Entering Clark County

53 confirmed cases in Clark County. Measles has not been this big of a problem in Washington state since the early 2000s, and it may not be over yet. The measles is a very contagious virus that is spread through the air from actions like coughing or sneezing. It is contracted without even being near […]

School Staff of CHS What You Should Know

Welcome Home Mrs. Lincoln

This year many faces of Camas High School have changed; however, Camas is happy to welcome back a previous student. Miranda Lincoln, back in the halls of CHS as Counselor Mrs. Lincoln. This is not her first time being the new counselor, as she transferred from Walla Walla High School after five years of service. […]

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Workouts You Can Do At Home

  Sometimes it is nice to workout inside, especially when it is raining, which happens a lot in Washington.  If you are struggling to find some good workouts to do at home, here are some ideas you can try.  No equipment needed! 1.   Mountain Climbers      courtesy Google   2.   Plank       […]