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Prom Review: Creation and Costs

Prom is perhaps one of the most hyped events of high school, so the pressure is on when it comes to making sure it lives up to that. Luckily, everyone who manages it pours everything into making sure that it is an enjoyable experience and will be one to remember. This year, prom was held […]

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Going Green

Green is one of the many things that Camas strides to be. Not green in the color, but in the sense of being more aware of the environment. Things, like recycling and taking care of waste, can both help this cause, but what kind of efforts has Camas gone through? How ‘Green’ is Camas? For […]

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Standardized Testing: Yay or Nay?

Standardized testing has been around for several decades, but even now, it’s not perfect. In fact, there’s a lot of people who debate on whether or not it’s really needed and if it’s truly useful. So, the big question is: is it? One of the reasons it still exists today is because it does have […]

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How Safe Is CHS?

The big question for many students and staff is simple: how safe is CHS? The answer brings good news and hopefully puts many minds at ease: it’s plenty safe. CHS itself doesn’t have many safety hazards. Every time one is brought up, the situation is quickly identified and defused to be safer for the students […]

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Babies In Need

An all volunteer group in Vancouver is working to provide baby supplies to families in need. They’re always searching for donations of all kinds and appreciate anything usable given to them. This group of people have taken on the simple name ‘Babies in Need’ and has been going on since 1999. Since they started, according […]

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New Year, New Yearbook

Another year has passed, but for the yearbook staff, this only means more things to come. With senior quotes, ensuring it’ll be error-free, and surprises in store, this yearbook staff plans on it being something special. Although there was a rumor going around about taking away senior quotes, they are still in action. There was […]

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Dance Team 2.0

Though they might not be performing at assemblies anymore, the dance team is still going strong. With new changes like having a smaller team and a new coach, they’re planning on being even better than before. In the recent Homecoming assembly, the dance team did not perform. While this was already abnormal from the previous […]

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End-of-Year Checklist

Only a few weeks of school remain, so it is very easy to ride out the rest of the year on the lazy train. However, doing this might come back to bite students who choose to go down this path. Here are some key things that all students, not just seniors, should check off their […]