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Support in Sorrow

Tragedy struck the heart of Camas during Winter Break when a scuba diving accident in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico took the lives of two Camas locals. 57-year-old Tom Dyehouse and his son Graeme, 27, both died during a scuba diving tour. The Dyehouse family have been part of the Camas community for many years and […]

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Bringing Link Crew to CHS

Everyone can remember their first year of high school, whether it was fantastic or straight out awful. But this year, the freshmen have a new way to get by: Link Crew. Link Crew is a group of upperclassmen that strive for a successful transition for all the Freshman. Currently, there are 148 Link Crew members […]

Camas School Student Arts What You Should Know

How to Plan for Art School

Art school is an option for all students if they’re interested in a career path later in the future that relates to art. While many students these days want to go to an art school, they tend not to know what the steps it takes to get into the college. The first step into making […]

Health What You Should Know

Things you can talk about with High School Counselor

Throughout high school, students visit their high school counselors for various reasons consisting mainly of “Help with college applications, recommendations, school, and to talk about life as well” (Lisette Rinnen). While these are prevalent dilemmas that initially draw students to a counselor’s office, there is so much more a high school counselor can do for […]

Humans of CHS School Students of CHS What You Should Know

What is the Learning Center?

This year Camas High School has introduced a new program called the learning center.  It has been placed in the room where the Career Center was located, the career center is a place to go to get help with after school plans, like college or recommendation letters and more. The Learning Center, is a place […]

Science & Technology

Chromebook or Chromeblocked?

Whether loved or hated, Chromebooks cannot be denied as useful tools. Still, many students are left wondering about what they can or cannot do on the devices, as their extent of freedom is obviously limited. With great power comes great responsibility, and unfortunately for students, not everyone maintains that responsibility. Regrettably, the actions of the […]

A&E Life School

New People, New Problems

As Camas grows at a rapid pace, many people move here from towns big and small from across the country. Along with those people come students who started their first year at Camas High School. People move to Camas for a variety of reasons, from wanting to find a better place to live to loving […]

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ACT/SAT Study Tips

Need help on the SAT and ACT? Colleges are searching for students with proficient scores and we have the tools to help you succeed! Check out the sites/apps below to see if these work for you, feel free to email feedback and or give sites/apps you know have helped you and want more students to […]