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What Happens When A Student Is Sick At School?

Going to school with a stomachache used to be a reason to get out of class and go to the health room, but now it may be a good enough excuse to go home. When a student is sick, whether it’s a stuffy nose or a sore throat, it could be a reason their day, […]

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Discover Recovery Rehabilitation Center Status

At the start of February, Discover Recovery, a substance abuse treatment center bought the Fairgate Estate near Dorothy Fox Elementary. It was a previous assisted living facility, now it’s a 15-bed in-patient drug treatment facility. This in-patient facility has one other location set up at Long Beach, Washington. With both holistic and clinical treatments, on […]

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Washington’s 2030 Clean Car Initiative

The State of Washington has started a wave of clean and green living many pushing for a lower carbon footprint for our state. The most recent push is moving to the Clean Cars 2030 initiative in Washington this is in part due to the largest carbon emissions being vehicle emissions (Washington State Department of Ecology). […]

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Biden’s COVID-19 Plan and How It Affects Clark County

With former Vice-President Joe Biden becoming president-elect and COVID-19 cases surging in America, the shift in planning has caused uncertainty among the general public. This new shift paired with the steady rise of cases in Clark County has caused many to worry about what is next and how it will affect them directly. Looking at […]

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Fall Focus: What’s Ahead for Camas Schools?

Clark County restrictions may soon lighten up a bit, but there is still no end in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic. And as the bizarre end-of-year online learning wraps up, the debate over whether school will resume next fall in person or remain online is coming into focus. On April 6, Washington Governor Jay Inslee […]

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Op-Ed: Life Without Toilet Paper

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, demand for sanitary supplies such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper rose to an all-time high as bustling crowds of customers rushed to local stores to buy their fill of the products. In the wake of the initial spread of the virus, shops were left with little […]

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School Canceled Through June

All public schools in Washington State will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through the month of June due to the coronavirus. That is the word from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. Clark County is home to 80,000 students and joins several Seattle-area districts that closed in March. Snell shared: “Although we recognize we cannot […]

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Measles Entering Clark County

53 confirmed cases in Clark County. Measles has not been this big of a problem in Washington state since the early 2000s, and it may not be over yet. The measles is a very contagious virus that is spread through the air from actions like coughing or sneezing. It is contracted without even being near […]