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North Shore Development and Construction

What is Happening on the North Shore of Lacamas Lake? Based on growth rate of 1.26% a year in Camas, the projected population will reach 34,098 by the year 2035. The City of Camas has already begun looking for an answer to this future dilemma, and have come up with a solution called the North […]

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Growth Mindset For The Better

The phrase “I am not a math person” is used by moms, English teachers, and pretty much anyone who is not a math teacher. The ideology of the smart person is a thing of the past. Instead of believing that brain and mental capabilities are static throughout life, a growth mindset, according to Writer, Maria […]

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Improving the Perspective: Seniors’ Legacy

For the second year in a row, Superintendent Jeff Snell will be conducting interviews of the entire senior class to better understand their perspective of our school system. Last year, Snell interviewed about 40 seniors, but this year, he plans to up that number to a full 520. These no-pressure and informal interviews will take […]

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Superintendent Snell: Future-Focused in the CSD

A Tradition of Caring, Quality, and Growth This year is the busiest ever in the Camas School District. Senior projects, Core 24, Integrated Arts and Academics and Project-Based Learning are all in full swing. And looking to the future, planning is already underway for the new Lacamas Heights Elementary School, with a hopeful launch in […]