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Going Green

Green is one of the many things that Camas strides to be. Not green in the color, but in the sense of being more aware of the environment. Things, like recycling and taking care of waste, can both help this cause, but what kind of efforts has Camas gone through? How ‘Green’ is Camas? For […]

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Little Shop Of Horrors

The drama department has put on many plays and musicals over the years, but Little Shop of Horrors is the newest. This play has spectacular costumes and an amazing set design that Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Carol, and the rest of the drama department have spent a lot of time making. This musical is a great horror […]

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Going Green!

If students are looking for a club that spreads awareness and helps the environment, they should consider joining Green Team. This club connects students that have an interest in cleaning up the Camas High School and the community. Any student can join Green Team, and the meetings are not mandatory for members to attend. Science […]

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Green Team

Green Team has not been around very long in Camas, but they have already done a lot in the last two years since the club has started, receiving second place in their district for the Trex competition, for instance. I sat down with one of the Co-Presidents of Green Team, Chloe Dunn, for the scoop on […]