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Waste in Our Space

Part of developing character is always doing the right thing even when people aren’t watching.  Along with the Plate Grant issue, the school has been dealing with an enormous amount of trash in the area surrounding the school. On Wednesday, March 1, the Green team collected around 25-30 pounds of waste in these areas. Green […]

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What a Waste

One of the many clubs at Camas High School is the Green team. This club strives to decrease waste, increase recycling and compost, and to impact the community in “green” ways. In addition, the Green team strives to raise awareness on environmental issues while encouraging students to take action. This year, for example, the Green […]

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Green Team

Green Team has not been around very long in Camas, but they have already done a lot in the last two years since the club has started, receiving second place in their district for the Trex competition, for instance. I sat down with one of the Co-Presidents of Green Team, Chloe Dunn, for the scoop on […]