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Gratitude In The Age Of COVID

Camas went into quarantine about one year ago. In mid-March of 2020, Camas High School students entered a period of uncertainty, with many not sure what was going to happen or when students could enter school again. One year later, quarantine is still present in Camas High School, and after a short two days of […]

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Celebrate Teachers in May!

Day after day, students shuffle through the hallways going from class to class. They await the end of the day by counting down the minutes; although, they do not seem to notice the teachers and staff that help them through the day. The teachers are also there to help the students learn and grow to […]

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Attitude of Gratitude: Staff of CHS

Throughout the year there are certain times set aside to celebrate teachers and administration at a school, but what about the rest of the staff? Janitors, security, and lunch room staff are often taken for granted, even though their presence and influence are essential in developing Papermaker Pride. ¬†As Thanksgiving draws near, students of Camas […]