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Washington’s 2030 Clean Car Initiative

The State of Washington has started a wave of clean and green living many pushing for a lower carbon footprint for our state. The most recent push is moving to the Clean Cars 2030 initiative in Washington this is in part due to the largest carbon emissions being vehicle emissions (Washington State Department of Ecology). […]

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Camas: A History

Camas has certainly changed over the years, but as the city grows and evolves, it will always have a “rich history, and not preserving it would be ridiculous, because it’s forgetting the past, and only bad things happen when you forget the past,” explains Sophomore Liam Martin. Over time, Camas has developed a strong sense […]

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Becoming a Teacher

The first day of school can be the most memorable event in a student’s year. They enter a new community, it is a brand new experience, and they are introduced to new knowledge. Teachers often play a significant role in students introductions to school. They can even be perceived as more than just teachers. A […]

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Upcoming AP Testing

The AP tests are coming and the deadline to sign up is vanishing. The last day to sign up for AP tests is the fifth of March. All the AP tests “happen over a two-week period, it’s a pre-set schedule, it’s pretty much the same schedule every year so for example, biology is always the […]

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Admission Season Tips

One of the most stressful yet exciting times of a teenagers life is undoubtedly their Senior year. Parties, privileges, and graduation are all aspects that add to the fun that is a student’s culminating childhood experience. But, before all of these festivities can begin, a dark cloud seems to loom over all Seniors, this ominous […]

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Standardized Testing: Debunked

As the new school year quickly gets underway, high school Juniors and seniors around the country are compelled to begin thinking about college and post-high school plans. Building a college resume is quite a process, as GPA, leadership, community service and extracurriculars are all crucial to improving chances of acceptance. No application is truly complete […]