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Everybody Has A Story: Luke Basanta

Camas High School Senior Luke Basanta is not the average CHS student. In 2016, Basanta moved to Camas, Washington from Ann Arbor, Michigan because his dad found a better occupation. Despite not knowing anyone in the area, Basantas’s fun and easy-going personality made it pretty easy to find some good friends here. Basanta enjoys fishing, […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Erin Connelly

Camas High School Sophomore Erin Connelly is a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance club and plays a vital role in the group. A few years ago, she was the student who brought the GSA club to Skyridge Middle school as well as got the high a school’s group back up a year ago. Connelly said, […]

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Fun Covid Friendly Holiday Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth many challenges in 2020, including the extension of the second lockdown in Washington state. Many people have had to change their holiday plans due to restrictions on gatherings. Camas High School students and staff shared some ways that families can have holiday fun while obeying safety guidelines. The year […]

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What’s In Store for Summer 2020?

As the summer of 2020 fast approaches, Camas students and their families are left to wonder how the coronavirus pandemic will reshape their plans. The stay-at-home order Governor Jay Inslee put in place lasted through May 31, but no further extensions have been made thus far — rather, plans for counties to return to normal […]

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Senior Traditions

The last year of high school can be a drag but having days to spend time with family and friends can help the insanity of boredom. This is why the students and staff of Camas High School work hard to create lasting events for the seniors and their family. “The purpose of these events is […]

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How to work together?

At Camas High School, many teachers require students to work together as a team. Many projects, labs and even homework assignments can be based on a group activity. But most scholars do not support this type of task, and mostly after teacher’s “discuss it as a group” there is a loud silence between them. “I […]

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A Little More about Mrs. Leighton

Mrs. Lori Leighton is an algebra teacher here at Camas. She is a very fun, laid back teacher that will have fun with her classes but also knows where to draw the line and stop. She teaches Algebra Two and a new class called Algebra Lab for kids who struggled in Algebra One. Although her […]

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