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Dear Freshmen…

A compilation of senior advice As this school year comes to a close, graduation is nearing for the seniors of Camas High. Before they depart, The Camasonian asked these upperclassmen to impart some wisdom upon their fellow students, especially the incoming freshmen! While we received a mixed bag of both serious and comical advice, please […]

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Freshmen Chromebooks: Blessing or Curse?

  As of the start of this school year, all freshmen have been assigned their own Chromebook for school use. ¬†With that power, comes responsibility, but is it fair to others, and is it really as helpful as it was intended to be? ¬† Pros The freshmen Chromebooks can be very helpful for classes and […]

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Lizzy Wing: Making the Cut

Everyone knows that in Camas, sports is a top priority, but not everyone can make the cut. CHS prides itself with elite athletes in a variety of sports. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wing not only made the cut, but she also raised the bar when she made varsity cheer in her first year at Camas. In fact, […]