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Bringing Link Crew to CHS

Everyone can remember their first year of high school, whether it was fantastic or straight out awful. But this year, the freshmen have a new way to get by: Link Crew. Link Crew is a group of upperclassmen that strive for a successful transition for all the Freshman. Currently, there are 148 Link Crew members […]


The Big Bad Bus

Every year there are new incoming freshmen and with them comes a greater number of bus riders. There is a big divide with the students who ride the bus and those who do not. Many students have the option for rides home from parents or are able to drive. For the other half, it is […]

Features Local School Sports

A Freshman Makes Varsity

Freshman year is tough enough, but for Sammy Geiger the pressure is more intense than ever, as he is one of the only freshman on the Camas Varsity Cross Country team. Since the age of three Geiger has always had a passion for running. His mom, who was a collegiate runner herself, encouraged him; in […]

Features News School Students of CHS

Clayton Lukens: Playing it Cool

Camas Students are constantly displaying excellence in sports, academics, and so much more. Clayton Lukens, a freshman at CHS, shows such excellence in musical theater.  Currently, Clayton is performing in Oregon Children’s Theater’s new musical ¨Fly Guy,¨ based on the book Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold.  In this musical Lukens plays ¨Buzz,¨ a character whose […]

Staff of CHS

Staff of CHS: Rita Pakenan

Though Mrs. Pakenan is new to Camas High School this year, she is by no means new to Camas. Pakenan has been part of the Camas School District for the past 11 years and only this past year decided to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching. She always pictured herself behind a desk, leading students and […]