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Local Food Banks Coming Up Short

As quarantine drags on, food banks are experiencing shortages and increased demand. Many are struggling to keep up with the increase of those needing food, especially fresh food. Along with a disparate amount of supply compared to demand, food banks are unable to have as many volunteers in one place anymore. According to Clark County […]

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Small Businesses of a Small Town

Many small businesses fill the streets of Downtown Camas. They have a variety of different restaurants, salons, shops, and even yoga studios. For Camas, the downtown area is a popular place to visit, whether it is enjoying a cup of coffee or going to see a movie, downtown always seems to have business. Downtown Camas […]

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Caffeine and How it Affects its Consumers

Caffeine is a coordination central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class. It is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug and one of the most studied food ingredients. It is a naturally-occurring substance found in the leaves, seeds, or fruit of more than 60 plant species. Caffeine, an alkaloid naturally occurring in plants, can […]

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Classroom Traditions: Cooking and Donuts

With how large Camas High School is, there have been many traditions created over the years by teachers and students alike. Here are a couple of the traditions that have popped up here at CHS. History teacher Mr. Gregory Plitt’s AP Government classes bring donuts every Friday for a tradition known as Donut Friday. A […]

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Do Not Blame The Lunch Ladies

Attention Camas High School: school lunches may have changed, and not for the better, but do not blame the lunch ladies. Complaints from kitchen staff and students have brought attention to the noticeably substandard food quality. The issue is not how the food is prepared, it is what the school now receives: commodity food versus Syscofood. […]

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Adventures in Downtown Camas: Part Two

In downtown Camas there are restaurants and cafes that many people visit each day and always say they love. These businesses provide open, charming, and calm spaces that are great for talking with friends and family, reading a good book or getting some homework done. There are around 24 restaurants sprawled all over downtown Camas, […]

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Adventures in Downtown Camas: Part One

Everyone knows where downtown Camas is but many may not be aware of all the gems the quaint neighborhood has to offer. So, this is the first in a series of articles that will highlight the happenings downtown, as well as the history that makes the neighborhood unique. Camas was originally named La-camas and the […]

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Best Summer Foods

Summer is a time for ice cream, barbecues, and just good food in general. Many people do not realize that summer is also a time for fruits and vegetables! Though eating fruits and veggies may not sound super appetizing, sticking to in-season fruits/veggies provides consumers with good taste and organic food. Provided below is a […]