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CHS Fitness Teachers Approaching Hybrid Learning

With the return to hybrid learning scheduled for March 8th at Camas High School, fitness teachers have been trying to figure out a way to be able to exercise while in-person.  While remote, some fitness classes did live workouts over Zoom and some assigned students to exercise independently. In the hybrid learning model, everyone will […]

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Workouts You Can Do At Home

  Sometimes it is nice to workout inside, especially when it is raining, which happens a lot in Washington.  If you are struggling to find some good workouts to do at home, here are some ideas you can try.  No equipment needed! 1.   Mountain Climbers      courtesy Google   2.   Plank       […]


Athletes and CTE

Brain injuries and concussions are a quickly growing epidemic in athletes who participate in high risk, contact sports according to the website, Head Case. Among these sports, football is at the top of the charts for the number of concussions per year. The Center for Disease Control estimates that football athletes have a 75 percent chance […]