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“Twelfth Night:” A CHS Production

“Twelfth Night”, by William Shakespeare is coming to CHS, produced by drama teacher, Sean Kelly and performed by talented CHS students. It’s a play about love and the unexpected twists and turns that lead people to it. And for the actors starring in the show, the CHS theater is a community, and the actors are […]

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Superintendent Snell: Future-Focused in the CSD

A Tradition of Caring, Quality, and Growth This year is the busiest ever in the Camas School District. Senior projects, Core 24, Integrated Arts and Academics and Project-Based Learning are all in full swing. And looking to the future, planning is already underway for the new Lacamas Heights Elementary School, with a hopeful launch in […]

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Michael Matthews: The Man Behind the Linebacker

On the field, senior Michael Matthews may have the tough position of linebacker. He is responsible for the  brutal tackling of athletes on the opposing team, but off the field, one can sense his maturity and his quiet determination. He is a respectful, quiet, and thoughtful young man. There is little doubt Matthews will do great […]

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“Trumped Up” Debates

It is hard to find anyone who does not have an opinion on the presidential election. Until this year, the most-watched debate was between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter in 1980 which caught the attention of 81 million citizens. In 2016 roughly 84 million people watched the debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, topping […]

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Staff of CHS: Kristine Straw

  Kristine Straw is a new health teacher at Camas; however, she is not new to Camas. Straw was born in Vancouver and has been living in the Vancouver-Camas area ever since. She studied Public Health and Promotion for her undergraduate degree, while her master’s degree is in Teaching/Education.   Health isn’t always a comfortable […]

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Staff of CHS: Charlotte Waters

Charlotte Waters is a new teacher here at Camas High. She came here as she,”Heard it was a great place to work.” Furthermore, she loves teaching. In fact, her motivation to begin teaching came from an English teacher she once aspired to become. Teaching is a great way to help people, and that is why she […]