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Op-Ed: Clothing Expression at CHS

Many students at Camas have developed their own personal styles, whether that be chains and fishnets or big t-shirts and Vans. People feel more comfortable expressing themselves now than they ever have before.  “It’s a way to tell the world who you are,” said senior Chloe Higgins. Nobody wants to wear something they feel self-conscious […]

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Fashion Expression

Fashion these days has started to become more important to students due to new brands coming out and new style icons emerging. Some notable people that students these days have taken interest in are Billie Eilish, with her style being baggy and tomboyish, as well as BTS, a South Korean boy-band with expensive and experimental […]

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Is Streetwear Fashion Basic?

What we wear is judged or admired by everyone around us. Camas High School Students are known to be of the upper-middle classes and can often afford valuable clothing. Camas fashion is often perceived as “basic” or “unoriginal.” In many cases, those critical remarks are correct. Every other boy at Camas High School has Old […]