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Fall Focus: What’s Ahead for Camas Schools?

Clark County restrictions may soon lighten up a bit, but there is still no end in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic. And as the bizarre end-of-year online learning wraps up, the debate over whether school will resume next fall in person or remain online is coming into focus. On April 6, Washington Governor Jay Inslee […]


DIY garland

Fall is the time of the year where people begin to close the windows and shut the doors and snuggling down with a cup of hot tea and blanket. Being bunkered down all day inside can start to dwell on one’s emotions, especially if the decorations are gloomy. Here is a fun tutorial on how to make […]


Fall Sports Wrap-Up

On January 19, Camas High School took the time to honor fall sports accomplishments. In an assembly after school, Camas administration thanked the teams for their hard work and the parents and fans for all of their support. The meeting started off by thanking the band and the cheerleaders for all of their school spirit […]