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Water Scarcity And The Issues That Surround It

Hundreds of millions of people around the world lack proper access to one of life’s most basic necessities: clean water. Despite the fact that government and relief organizations have assisted many people living in water-stressed areas gain access in recent years, the situation is expected to worsen as a result of the negative impacts of […]

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How Fast Fashion Impacts The Enviroment

The idea of “fast fashion” has become increasingly popular in discussions about fashion, innovation, and environmental awareness. Like its name, fast fashion is a design, production, and marketing method for processing large quantities of clothes quickly. To offer low-cost designs to the public, garment manufacturing uses pattern reproduction and low-quality fabrics. Fast fashion apparel stores […]

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Here at Camas High School, there are posters all over the halls in the hope of bringing people together in sports or clubs and just making a good school community; the name of the poster project is #EVERYONEHASASTORY. These posters have little paragraphs about somebody’s story, some of which can be very personal and inspiring. […]

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Earth Day

There are 7.5 billion people on the Earth and each one leaves a footprint. No, not a literal footprint on a ground, but a carbon footprint. A carbon footprint can be described as the amount of CO2 each individual, institution or community is responsible for releasing into the atmosphere. The heat-trapping CO2 people emit today lasts for […]

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Green Team

Green Team has not been around very long in Camas, but they have already done a lot in the last two years since the club has started, receiving second place in their district for the Trex competition, for instance. I sat down with one of the Co-Presidents of Green Team, Chloe Dunn, for the scoop on […]