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From A Country Far, Far Away

CHS students Tayyaba Naushab and Nadiyah Nilfannisa are both originally from a different part of the world. These two students have had to adjust to the way students do things here. In the time these two have been here, they have set themselves apart from the rest of the CHS students. Each of them has […]

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Selecting English Books

English classes have involved reading novels and various other books for a long time. The current lineup of books features engaging and often socially relevant stories; this brings forth the question, how do these books get selected? As well as inviting curiosity into how students and teachers view their reading materials. At Camas High School, […]

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Textbooks at Camas High School

Carrying around textbooks in high school can be an absolute burden. They are heavy and big, and it is almost impossible to fit more than one of them in a backpack at a time. Not to mention the fact that many of them are outdated. Some of them ranging anywhere from 11 to 16 years […]

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Get to Know: Ruhiyyih Wittwer

Ruhiyyih Wittwer is an English Teacher at CHS for freshmen and sophomores, including those of the Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA) program. She answered a number of “get to know you” style questions as part of a new series for the Camasonian “Get to Know”. The purpose of the series is to help people in […]

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New Camas Teacher: Mrs. Eakins

“It is a secret among educators that this is the best place to work,” says Mrs.  Stephanie Eakins, one of the new teachers at Camas High School. ”I really feel like I am part of something great here. The staff are amazing and being new to Camas High School, I feel supported. With the students, […]

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New Staff of CHS: Samuel Hicks

This year at Camas High School many new staff members were added to the faculty, twelve different people who have moved from other districts or that came straight from college. Many of these teachers joined Camas for many reasons and have a lot of outside activities and stories to tell. Sam Hicks, a new teacher […]

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Ways to Memorize Your Poem

Being able to memorize things is a good skill to have in life, but not everyone has that skill.  For poetry out loud, students are required to memorize a poem and perform it to their class.  Here are some ways to make memorizing your poem easier…good luck! Highlight words that you keep forgetting and really […]

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Staff of CHS: Mrs. Jarvis

Camas is constantly expanding and constantly have to up the staff count! Camas is a school with just over 2,100 students and to balance the ratio of teachers to students, Camas has recruited more teachers. One of the newest teachers is English teacher, Jeanne Jarvis. She is a senior English teacher – Working exclusively with […]