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Beauty and the Beast Retold

With Disney on a mission to recreate their old classics, it is no surprise they chose to remake one of their most acclaimed animated films, Beauty and the Beast. The new film made its debut on March 17, making upwards of $170 million in its opening weekend alone. Many critics had their doubts about yet […]

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Women’s History Month: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is best known for her iconic acting work as Hermione Granger in the famous Harry Potter series, but in her 26 years of life, she has managed to accomplish so much more. Not only is she a prestigious actress, but a renowned feminist and a genuine human being. In 2014, Watson gave a […]

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Beauty and the Beast Remade

Disney’s new production of Beauty and the Beast will be released on March 17. This movie is part of Disney’s new trend, live action remakes. According to KU News, the company has 24 remakes in the works and has already created a number of live action movies. This includes The Jungle Book, Maleficent, and Cinderella, […]