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CHS Educators and Black History Month

History, as most know, is an incredibly important subject. That is why it is a requirement in most, if not all schools. Black history, however, is a fundamental part of history. Rooted in racism and discrimination, it is most often neglected in educational systems, or only certain parts of it are ever spoken about. There […]

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Referendum 90 in Camas Schools

Election day is over, and one particular measure will affect students and health teachers all across Washington state for years to come. Referendum 90 is a ballot measure that was approved on November 3, 2020, by Washington state voters. R-90 requires all schools to provide Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) by the 2022-2023 school year. […]

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Film and Video in Class

A 30 person set of faces observes a YouTube video playing at the front of class. This is something that, even just 15 years ago, would have been out of place. But today film and video in class is prevalent across multiple different subjects and teachers. Film and video provides a unique approach to educating […]

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So many books, so little time..

Everyone has their own taste in music, clothing style, and dancing, as well as in books. There are many different genres that can hook every single person. What books do students like in our school? We conducted a survey among the students which will help to find out it. Here is a list of what […]

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DECA Spotlight!

The DECA club at Camas High School has made several prominent achievements over the last four years. With 140 members, DECA continues to accomplish great things day by day. Three officers in DECA have come together to discuss their years of experience and enlighten those who find themselves both interested in joining and those who […]

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Becoming a Teacher

The first day of school can be the most memorable event in a student’s year. They enter a new community, it is a brand new experience, and they are introduced to new knowledge. Teachers often play a significant role in students introductions to school. They can even be perceived as more than just teachers. A […]

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Why We Have Senior Projects

Years ago, the state of Washington wanted to put together something that would show all of the skills students have learned during school. They had also wanted to give students the chance to learn something that they had felt like they missed. So, the State of Washington came to the conclusion that a big end-of-high-school-project, […]

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Celebrate Teachers in May!

Day after day, students shuffle through the hallways going from class to class. They await the end of the day by counting down the minutes; although, they do not seem to notice the teachers and staff that help them through the day. The teachers are also there to help the students learn and grow to […]