Clubs Letter to the Editor

A Letter to the Editor: Islamic Awareness Club

To whom it may concern, I would like to bring it to the newspapers attention, that there is a club currently going on called the Islamic Awareness club. This is a club that brings attention to Islamics who came from Islam while under bad times. It represents those who are commonly thought of as terrorists […]

Features Letter to the Editor

Why Does it Matter?

This is a letter to the editor from former Editor-in-Chief Trevor Hunt: Why does it matter? The importance of getting involved. Every day I deal with apathetic, uninterested, and disengaged people. Every day I am frustrated by other people’s lack of concern for issues affecting their community. Every day, I am expected to answer a […]

Features Op-Ed

Letter to the Editor – Noah Osten

The following is a letter submitted to The Camasonian from senior student Noah Osten. The views expressed in this letter are not necessarily the opinion of The Camasonian, Camas High School, Camas School District, or its affiliates. I sit here as a Camas Senior – who has procrastinated many projects, worked too many hours (to […]