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Better Safe than Sorry

Each year as prom rolls around, high school students all over the country get exhilarated with the thrill of going out with friends on one of the most hyped-up nights of the school year. Students dream about this night for years, and as it comes up they spend every last minute planning for the perfect […]

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Raging on the Streets

Road rage is something everyone can relate to. Nowadays, the source of all the road rage is targeted towards teens. With the brand new license and not much driving experience, it’s not unreasonable for this statement to be thrown around.  Areas that road rage is more prominent are in places that are slow ironically enough. […]

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Crossing Chaos!

At Camas High School, students and staff take pride in their safety. The administration works hard at setting boundaries that are reasonable while still protecting its student body. Some students refuse to adhere to the rules and procedures put in place to keep them safe.   Due to the increasing number of students deciding to cross […]

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Skills for Snow Driving

As temperatures drop, and snow falls to the ground, people of all driving experience levels have to drive in these winter weather conditions. In order to prepare for these road conditions, the following is a number of greatly recommended checklists to stay safe this winter. Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Make sure your vehicle’s maintenance […]


The Big Bad Bus

Every year there are new incoming freshmen and with them comes a greater number of bus riders. There is a big divide with the students who ride the bus and those who do not. Many students have the option for rides home from parents or are able to drive. For the other half, it is […]

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Tardies, Traffic, and Buses, Oh My!

As most know, either through first-hand experience or second-hand complaining, Camas High School has a terrible traffic situation. Backed-up buses, panicked parents and delayed drivers; most days, first period really ‘starts’ ten minutes after the late bell when all the students finally make their way from the parking lot to the classroom. Camas High School […]


Testing the Legal Limits

The Center of the Disease Control states, per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. The solution is simple: raise the legal driving limit to 18 years old and there will be less teenage related car crashes. […]