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Self-Employed Students

Money: the most necessary item for most high school students. It is used for buying food with friends, gas money and even the occasional pair of shoes. There are many methods for accumulating enough money to actually have the sum to purchase everything that a high-schooler may desire. Many high school kids are slowly pushing […]

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Growth Mindset For The Better

The phrase “I am not a math person” is used by moms, English teachers, and pretty much anyone who is not a math teacher. The ideology of the smart person is a thing of the past. Instead of believing that brain and mental capabilities are static throughout life, a growth mindset, according to Writer, Maria […]

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Wrestling All The Way To State

Wrestling is a big deal at Camas High, with students starting preparation early before the season and even after the season too. This season, the team has high expectations and are looking forward to the hard work and the success ahead of them. The Head Coach, Cory Vom Baur says that “the wrestling team is […]

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Fall Sports – A Wrap-Up

Here at Camas, the sports teams generally do well. In the Fall of, 2018 nothing has changed. From slow pitch softball to men’s cross-country team, many athletes have been competing at their highest ability all season long. For the cross country teams, sophomore Tyler Knoeppel stated that “the team as a whole improved their times […]

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Why is the PSAT Free?

While there has been a great number of changes to the structure of the school day and different punishments, one change that might be bigger is that the PSAT is now free for all sophomores. This is a big deal for all students. School administrator Mr. Owen Sanford explained that his change was made to […]

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NBA 2k19: Worth The Buy?

Coming off the incredible NBA 2K18 which sold over 10 million units, Take-Two Interactive has come out with the newest evolution of the greatly beloved basketball game: NBA 2K19. This interactive, online multiplayer game has an enormous cult following among children, teenagers, gamers, and basketball fans around. The real question is, is the new game […]