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Downtown Camas Coping With COVID-19 Restrictions

Downtown Camas is filled with small businesses and in the era of COVID-19, these shops are extremely vulnerable. A few of these stores spoke out on how this pandemic has impacted them.  Marilyn Reed, who voiced for the clothing store Lily Atelier said they “did not have much of an online presence at all, we […]

Clubs Community Features Student Arts Students of CHS

Activism Through Art

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, several Camas High School students are coming up with creative ways to support the movement. In addition to organizing local protests in downtown Camas and starting a bake sale to support social justice organizations, student leaders of two CHS clubs have joined forces to accomplish a […]

Adventures in Downtown Camas Local News

Something New is Brewing in Camas

There are many coffee shops in downtown Camas that people visit for their morning runs before school or work. Many stores have been added to downtown Camas as of recently, however Hidden River Roasters is one of the newest. The concept of how this store was created is a very inspirational story. It all started […]