Camas School

The Charismatic CharacterStrong Program

With the increasing world of technology and people are becoming more obsessed with themselves, it is becoming increasingly more important to be nice and for people to make connections with other people. That is exactly what Camas High School’s new program, CharacterStrong, is aimed to do. When describing the CharacterStrong program, Darci Jones, a special […]

Camas Features School

Connecting with Counselors

It is 8:30 in the morning and students and teachers tiredly walk into school, still waiting for their morning dose of caffeine to hit. It is another school day, six grueling periods, until students are free again. But lately the mornings have had a bit of cheer at the doors: incoming students and staff are […]

Health What You Should Know

Things you can talk about with High School Counselor

Throughout high school, students visit their high school counselors for various reasons consisting mainly of “Help with college applications, recommendations, school, and to talk about life as well” (Lisette Rinnen). While these are prevalent dilemmas that initially draw students to a counselor’s office, there is so much more a high school counselor can do for […]