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Zoom’s Fate With Next School Years Schedule

It is uncertain what next year’s school schedule will be but Camas High School students, teachers, and staff are swarming with hopes and expectations. Some prefer four days a week in school, while others have been doing their best remotely. The majority of students at CHS are attending school in person with a handful of […]

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College Tours In The Age Of Covid

No Camas High School Senior imagined that the college tours they would take this year would be over a Zoom call, but that has become the new normal. As stressful as it all is to navigate, students and universities both have dysfunctionally found their way around the obstacle that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states […]

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Downtown Camas Coping With COVID-19 Restrictions

Downtown Camas is filled with small businesses and in the era of COVID-19, these shops are extremely vulnerable. A few of these stores spoke out on how this pandemic has impacted them.  Marilyn Reed, who voiced for the clothing store Lily Atelier said they “did not have much of an online presence at all, we […]