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Senior College Season

As September ends and October begins, seniors are leaving school to be brought in by colleges for tours. Gabe Mukobi has found himself between many colleges in the past six weeks. Being flown to Rice University in Houston, Texas and this week and Columbia University in New York City. “Stanford is still my number one,” […]

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Options For College Credit

These days there are many options for high-school students to earn college credit before even graduating. Though the best-known way is AP, there are other programs that serve the same purpose. Running Start is one such option. This program allows Juniors and Seniors to take classes at Clark College and earn automatic college credit while […]


A Tip to the Wise

Whether you are enrolled in AP classes, normal classes, college-in-the-classroom classes, or are taking part of the running start program, almost everyone at some point in time has to study. With the upcoming AP tests in may and Finals in June, students are beginning to alter their study habits to help them perform at their […]

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The Cornerstone Program at a Glance

Saving money, earning credit, and building strong educational foundations: While many students feel as though taking AP classes are the only way to acquire college credit while in high school, a new program is allowing students to take advantage of their time at Camas to also acquire advanced learning as well as save money. On […]

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ACT/SAT Study Tips

Need help on the SAT and ACT? Colleges are searching for students with proficient scores and we have the tools to help you succeed! Check out the sites/apps below to see if these work for you, feel free to email feedback and or give sites/apps you know have helped you and want more students to […]

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Admission Season Tips

One of the most stressful yet exciting times of a teenagers life is undoubtedly their Senior year. Parties, privileges, and graduation are all aspects that add to the fun that is a student’s culminating childhood experience. But, before all of these festivities can begin, a dark cloud seems to loom over all Seniors, this ominous […]

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Standardized Testing: Debunked

As the new school year quickly gets underway, high school Juniors and seniors around the country are compelled to begin thinking about college and post-high school plans. Building a college resume is quite a process, as GPA, leadership, community service and extracurriculars are all crucial to improving chances of acceptance. No application is truly complete […]