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Commitment Day: The New COVID-19 Journey of College Applications

While so many people this year had to focus on the struggles of our monotonous lives through a pandemic, the class of 2021 seniors had the added pressure of applying for colleges in a time like no other. While the college application process stayed the same, there were many things that were new and needed […]

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College Tours In The Age Of Covid

No Camas High School Senior imagined that the college tours they would take this year would be over a Zoom call, but that has become the new normal. As stressful as it all is to navigate, students and universities both have dysfunctionally found their way around the obstacle that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states […]

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CHS Lineman Robert Silva’s Recruiting Process

Camas High School Senior Robert Silva was one of the reasons why the CHS football team finished number one in the state last year. It is shown that Silva possesses several positive traits and a hard-working mentality.  CHS Senior Mark Harimoto who is one of Roberts’s teammates said, “Robert AKA the Hitman is on a […]

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Counselors and Senior Advice on College Applications

With college applications on the horizon, Camas High School counselors advise students on how to make and prepare for outstanding college applications. For CHS students, one thing that is weighing heavily on them is plans after graduation. High school can be a fun, yet extremely stressful time, and guidance is much needed during this time. […]

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What’s Up With Testing? An AP, SAT/ACT and CHS Breakdown

AP tests? SATs? Course finals? Students and families have a number of questions around testing now that schools are closed and remote learning is in place. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The College Board, colleges, and school districts across the country are working on plans to make testing reasonable for everyone.  For starters, […]

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Running Start: An Overview

Running start is a program where juniors and seniors can take Clark College classes for both college and high school credits. For some students, this opportunity can be life-changing. The state of Washington subsidizes the cost of the classes for the student’s accessibility, which gives students an opportunity to earn college credits at a cheaper […]

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National Letter of Intent: Why do Athletes Sign it?

In 1964, high school athlete’s started signing an agreement called the National Letter of Intent (NLI) which acted as an agreement between the athlete and the college. Today, athletes are still signing that same agreement. What is the National Letter of Intent exactly? “It acts as a written agreement between a college or university and […]

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The Madness of March

Every year this happens, thousands of people watch the best 68 male and 64 female college basketball teams compete while placing bets on who will win. They then proceed to watch these games throughout March and beginning of April, most of them happening during typical working hours (9 am to 5 pm Pacific time). The […]