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Mental Health Awareness Club

Camas High School Senior Archisha Misra and her friends have successfully started a Mental Health Awareness Club as their senior project. Misra’s motivation for starting this club is because mental illness are often seen as a weakness. Misra said, “my friends and I thought it was really important to create awareness about it.” She also […]

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Taekwondo: The Art of Self Defense

Finding a means of exercise may be simple, but often leads to the same dead end. Either through dull workouts or lack of equipment, being active can prove both difficult and downright boring. Plus, until one sees results, they may begin to feel discouraged to continue giving their all. However, here at Camas there is […]

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Down to Business

On February 28th, 53 members of Camas’ DECA team will head North to Bellevue, Washington to take part in one of the most competitive statewide conferences in the nation in hopes of snagging a spot at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). In order to set these students up for success, the club does heavy […]

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The Next Big Sport

Many may think it’s foolish to count player vs. player video games as a sport, but this concept is becoming more and more popular throughout the US, and now it’s being brought to Camas High School. E-sports (electronic sports) are a new addition to this technology-controlled world and a possible sport of the future. That’s […]

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Girl Power

After the successful run of LunchBox Talks in October, DECA Girls Represent is planning two more female-focused events for the community of CHS. These two events will take place throughout the month of December and involve a wide variety of guest speakers. The first event is a series of Professional Development Seminars, while the second […]

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Islamic Awareness at CHS

Islamic Awareness Club is a new club on campus whose members aim to bring attention to Islamic culture and those who practice Islam in order to show peacefulness. Over the years, Muslims, or those who practice Islam, have earned an often inaccurate reputation: they may be thought of as different and are sometimes treated as outcasts. Why do people do […]

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Behind the Scenes of the Blood Drive

Each year, the National Honor Society at Camas High School hosts a blood drive. Mrs. Inzalaco, the supervisor of NHS, explains that “Bloodworks has a representative who is excellent at working with the school… he gave us all of the promotional materials, [such as] what we need for permission slips… [and] he walked us through […]

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Finding Time for Others

Volunteering is a requirement for students who are members of the National Honor Society, and for good reason too. Although volunteering may seem like a cumbersome task and finding ways to get in the mandatory hours can be difficult, students can learn a lot about their community and about themselves through doing such work. Students […]