Teacher-Student Boundaries

Every student at Camas has a favorite teacher and they feel like they have a special bond or a friendship with them. Maybe they come and visit between classes and at lunch. Maybe they tell this teacher or school employee everything; they feel this teacher is a friend.  “We’re not peers, so there shouldn’t be […]

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Film and Video in Class

A 30 person set of faces observes a YouTube video playing at the front of class. This is something that, even just 15 years ago, would have been out of place. But today film and video in class is prevalent across multiple different subjects and teachers. Film and video provides a unique approach to educating […]

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Getting to Know: Cameron Long

Cameron Long teaches AP Human Geography and US History here at Camas High School. Students enjoy his classes with their fun environments. He answered a few interesting questions for the series, “Get to Know You.” C: What has been your weirdest experience while teaching? L: “There are too many answers to that. Um…I mean I […]

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Wanted: TAs at CHS

Each year, a myriad of teachers at CHS seek out students to act as assistants in order to get work done faster and with more ease; despite this, TA positions often remain unfilled. As senior Sami Walters says, teachers “always need TAs and people to help; I knew Mrs. Hovig always needs TAs.” So what […]

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Hot, Cold, or Just Confused?

Throughout Camas High School there seems to be extreme temperature changes from classroom to classroom. Students are often at a loss for what to wear to school, resorting to layers of clothing to prepare for the transitions between blazing and frigid. Classroom temperature can be very distracting to students and can easily make them more […]

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Classroom Comfort

Throughout the school day students get to learn about how to cook food from around the world, the latest political processes in the United States, Shakespeare, finding acceleration and velocity derivatives, and how to take care of preschoolers. But another bit of learning students may not have been prepared for is learning how to make […]