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Take a Seat

Often when students walk into a classroom on the first day of school one of their first thoughts is who they want to sit by. They have not seen most of their friends all summer and are waiting to catch up. They enter the classroom to look for their friends and find out there is […]

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Wanted: TAs at CHS

Each year, a myriad of teachers at CHS seek out students to act as assistants in order to get work done faster and with more ease; despite this, TA positions often remain unfilled. As senior Sami Walters says, teachers “always need TAs and people to help; I knew Mrs. Hovig always needs TAs.” So what […]

Life Music School


At first introduction, it might have seemed like someone cut off the wires of their earbuds and stuck them in their ears and carried around a white container of tooth floss to store them in. But now as 2019 comes around the corner Apple’s new product grows more and more viral: AirPods. At a whopping […]

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Pearson Realize Math Curriculum

Last year, selected teachers switched to the Pearson Realize curriculum to pilot it. These teachers either used it for some lessons, a couple of units or for the entire book throughout the year. This year is the first year that Camas is implementing this new curriculum for all math classes. There are both pros and […]