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CHS Students’ Reactions To Hybrid Learning

After almost a full year of remote learning, Camas High School students were finally allowed to transition to a hybrid model of learning. The groups of students are split into two different cohorts, labeled Cohort A and Cohort B based on last names. CHS students are going for in-person learning two days a week and […]

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Honoring MLK Day in 2021

Sparks ignited after the tragic death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, at the hands of multiple law enforcement officers this past year, which reopened deep political and social wounds in an already divided country. Protesters across the nation, including in downtown Camas, demanded change and equality for the black community. As a result, […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Dorothy Franklin

Camas High School Junior Dorothy Franklin has an aspiring passion for ballet and all things dance. Ballet has always been an escape for Franklin, a second home. She has been dancing since she was in fourth grade, making this her seventh year in ballet. It serves as a place where she can let go of […]

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District Turns Buses Into Wi-Fi Hotspots

Since schools closed across the state, students and teachers alike have scrambled to make online learning work. But what about those students who never had internet access, even during the regular school year? Enter school bus Wi-Fi hotspots. District leaders first ensured every Camas School District student in grades 3 through 12 received a school-issued […]

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Bilingual Students at CHS

Here are some students who know more than the commonly spoke language at CHS, English. To start: Yu-Hsin Lai, or better known by her friends as Cindy, is one of the bilingual seniors at Camas High school. Originally Lai was born and grew up in Taiwan. Growing up she learned mostly Chinese but was also […]

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Courts for Kids

“I don’t think we ever sat down and said, ‘Let’s start a nonprofit.’ That’s not what happened. Instead, the inspiration found us.” That’s what Selene Nesland, a local resident of Camas, stated about her and her husband Derek’s nonprofit organization, Courts for Kids. In recent years, Courts for Kids has been growing and becoming more […]