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A Brief History of Homecoming

Homecoming has its traditions that stretch from coast to coast, including a parade, spirit week, a dance, even welcoming back former and current members of high school, and above all, the big game. The well-known football game between two rival schools is a classic homecoming tradition, in fact, it was the very first tradition. The […]

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Life With Hemophilia: Part 2

Hi again! I am Matt Burns, a Camas High School senior who suffers from a rare disorder called hemophilia. In part one of this series, I explained the background of hemophilia and what it is. If you missed part one, you can find it here. So, now that you have a brief understanding of this, […]

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Portables: Progress or Problem?

High school classes are tough enough; now imagine running across a muddy and wet sidewalk to make it to the stuffy, hot, compact learning environment of a portable. Portables are on the south side of the school, in back¬†by the open grass fields. The first portables arrived in the ’07 – ’08 school year. ¬†School […]