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End of Year: Chromebooks and Textbooks

From our CHS librarian: June 10th & 11th, tech staff from ZAC will be in the library to collect seniors’ Chromebooks throughout the school day. Seniors should start rounding up their cases and chargers and cleaning up their CBs (no personal stickers!) to be ready for those dates.  They should also make sure that their […]

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Shell Shocked

Much like Fortnite, the hit computer game ‘Shell Shockers’ started out as a free, fun, and friend-inclusive player vs. player game. Shell Shockers takes place on various maps. One can play as an egg, and can select a variety of weapons to fight other eggs. And again, much like Fortnite, this small game has exploded […]

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Chromebook or Chromeblocked?

Whether loved or hated, Chromebooks cannot be denied as useful tools. Still, many students are left wondering about what they can or cannot do on the devices, as their extent of freedom is obviously limited. With great power comes great responsibility, and unfortunately for students, not everyone maintains that responsibility. Regrettably, the actions of the […]

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Chromebooks: Pros and Cons

The One:World program in the Camas School District means each student has their own Chromebook starting this year. So far, the program is off to a productive start; however, not everyone is on board. School district leaders announced the initiative, funded by the technology levy, last year. It cost more than $1,000,000, and around 5400 […]

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Freshmen Chromebooks: Blessing or Curse?

  As of the start of this school year, all freshmen have been assigned their own Chromebook for school use.  With that power, comes responsibility, but is it fair to others, and is it really as helpful as it was intended to be?   Pros The freshmen Chromebooks can be very helpful for classes and […]