Fudge: To Share or Not to Share?

As the last of the leaves fall from the trees and a bitter chill fills the air, thoughts of sitting by a cozy fire, warm cocoa in hand, start to appear in everyone’s minds. It seems like the snow on the ground sends a plague of laziness throughout the Northern Hemisphere and reduces everyone to […]


How Easter is celebrated around the world

          Sunday was Easter, which most know as a religious holiday.  Regardless of your beliefs, people all over the world can celebrate it.  Here are some ways people celebrate Easter around the world.   Norway In Norway, they have a tradition of reading crime and mystery novels around Easter, and you […]

Student Arts

IAA Art Gallery

Friday, February 10, the Integrated Arts and Academics students had their first art gallery of the year at Camas Public Library. The 9th grade IAA students pop-art linoleum prints were shown on the second floor of the library from 5-8pm and some of the student´s linoleum prints could be purchased.  Also, the juniors and seniors […]