Camas Clubs Senior Project Spotlight

Be The Change Club

Do not doubt that a small group of citizens can help to change the world. Even if it is just a small group of high school students. Last year a student attended Challenge day, and was inspired to help be a change and spread love and acceptance through our community. He decided to start a […]

Camas School Senior Project Spotlight

Nora Kelly: Lunch buddies

The seniors are busy at work creating their senior projects. Senior Nora Kelly is committed to encouraging students to reach out and make conversation and connections with the Special Education students. This is her senior project and she has called it the Lunch Buddies. Nora Kelly’s senior project is all about promoting “…growth for the […]

Camas Features School

The Future of Maker Time

On Friday, December 14th, CHS students in Mrs. Sarah Widdop’s AP Language classes presented to administration about revising Maker Time. Prior to the presentstions, the students wrote a conclusion/call-to-action paragraph in response to a prompt. This prompt directed the students to explain their “position on Maker Time and provide possible considerations CHS teachers and administrators should […]

Clubs Local School

Dance Team 2.0

Though they might not be performing at assemblies anymore, the dance team is still going strong. With new changes like having a smaller team and a new coach, they’re planning on being even better than before. In the recent Homecoming assembly, the dance team did not perform. While this was already abnormal from the previous […]