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Parking Pass Changes

At Camas High school there is a ton of kids that drive cars to school and have to pay for parking passes. The parking passes this year are making a slight change, there will be one pass for all of the parking lots rather than having a north and a south lot pass. This is […]

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Raging on the Streets

Road rage is something everyone can relate to. Nowadays, the source of all the road rage is targeted towards teens. With the brand new license and not much driving experience, it’s not unreasonable for this statement to be thrown around.  Areas that road rage is more prominent are in places that are slow ironically enough. […]

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Skills for Snow Driving

As temperatures drop, and snow falls to the ground, people of all driving experience levels have to drive in these winter weather conditions. In order to prepare for these road conditions, the following is a number of greatly recommended checklists to stay safe this winter. Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Make sure your vehicle’s maintenance […]