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How CHS Band Has Adapted To Unique Year

Camas High School has had a not-so-perfect year but luckily for zoom and the late hybrid schedule the band students have been able to congregate and play together again and it is bringing life and music back to the high school. With school being online for most of the school year, the band teacher Richard […]

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CHS Drumline Moves Back Indoors

Recently, Camas High School has started sending their students back to school in their hybrid learning schedule. This has been a recent bonus for students in musical programs because they are now able to practice and perform together. One such group would be the Camas drumline. The members of the drumline are starting to practice […]

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How CHS Band, Choir, and Theater Are Operating Remotely

This year, extracurricular activities and elective classes are online just like all other classes. Questions were raised about how Camas High School would continue classes, such as choir, band, and theatre remotely. Creating props at home, memorizing songs through videos, and discussing what makes someone a good musician have all become the new norm for […]

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CHS band plays opposing team’s fight song at football games

“Give a yell, give a cheer for the Papermakers here…” is just the beginning of the Papermaker fight song that the CHS band plays every home football game. Not only does the band have to learn their own fight song, but they also need to learn the opposing team’s fight song as well. This tradition […]

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All-State All-Stars

This year, ten Camas High School students can proudly say they have been selected to perform in an All-State or All-Northwest choir, band, or orchestra. Along with these ten students, Senior Zack Shafer became one of just three students from Camas to have ever qualified for an All-National choir ensemble. Auditioning for these groups is […]

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String Orchestra at CHS

The orchestra program at Camas High School… wait, when did that happen? New this year at CHS is a string orchestra class, and it is being taught by the band director Richard Mancini. In the previous two years orchestra was limited to an after-school club, headed by Sophia Hansen and Angela Xu. Sophia states, “I […]

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What Being in Band is All About

Band: a class offered at Camas High School. It seems like a simple idea, but when taking a closer look, band becomes complicated alarmingly fast. So, here is a peek at the inner workings of the CHS band and what it means to be a band student or “bandito.” Complications arise since band is not […]


Of Monsters and Men Review

Although the band “Of Monsters and Men” released their first album in 2012, it remains largely undiscovered by mainstream media. The band originated in Iceland and consists of six members. Its unique style includes having both a male and female vocalist and yet the two rarely use harmonies. The entire first album has a fantastical […]