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How BMX Biking Bashes Bullying

On the first day of second semester students got to witness BMX professionals in action in the main gym. They saw tricks, flips and BMX routines during the hour-long assembly, but the purpose of the assembly had a deeper meaning and message: anti-bullying. The assembly organizers are from ASA Entertainment and came to Camas as […]

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SKID Program Gallery

Camas High School Seniors participated in a surreal demonstration that aims to show students and young adults the horrors of alcohol-related accidents. With an opening from School Resource Officer Tim Fellows, a variety of agencies, students, and volunteers rushed to the scene of a fatal two-car collision set up in the parking lot. Jack Kelly, […]

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A Day of Honor

Honoring Veterans in the Community: Seven continents, 196 countries, but only one United States of America. What makes this place different? What makes it special? Freedom. From the beginning, our Founding Fathers wanted Liberty and Freedom for all. The Declaration of Independence acknowledges our freedom, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men […]

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Papermaker Pride

Autumn is a time to celebrate traditions, and after kicking off another school year, the students of Camas High School celebrated one of their favorites.  Homecoming is an annual tradition that has been held for many years.  This tradition of welcoming students back to school helps to create unity and pride. Homecoming week was held […]