Camas Prom

CHS Prom Status

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on almost all activities, including prom. However, safety restrictions are easing up as case numbers continue to trend down in Clark County. With school beginning to partially open, and a vaccine rollout beginning, people are wondering if prom will be able to happen. Camas High […]

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ASB’s Goals For This Year

In the past, Camas High School ASB has relied on school spirit that comes with gatherings, such as homecoming, pep assemblies, and athletics. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone home, they have taken an entirely new approach this year. ASB officers have been working hard to create fun and inclusive activities for CHS students, despite […]

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ASB Changes

At Camas, the Associated Student Body (ASB) team puts in a ton of effort to schedule school events and to make sure that the school has a fun and inviting environment. Without them, Camas would not be as enjoyable, organized and there would not be any dances or spirit weeks. ASB is the school’s representative […]

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CHS Posters – A Process

Without regulation, posters on the walls of Camas High School would be anarchy. That’s why it was interesting to notice a few joke signs on the walls last week, only for them to promptly disappear the next day. That lead to a number of questions, first of which was: “what is the process of getting […]

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Homecoming Review

Homecoming has been a high school tradition for years. It is a chance for students to dress up, gather together, and have a night of fun that is free of school responsibilities. People rent limos, get their hair and makeup done, and purchase corsages for their dates (whom they may or may not have asked […]

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Your New Class Officers

Sophomores President – Clayton Lukens Vice President – David Kovalenko Treasurer – Georg Jerrell Secretary – Faith Wilson Sergeant at Arms – Ashlyn Anderson Juniors President – Tatum Fogle Vice President – Mary Petrino Treasurer – Danika Vu Secretary – Brenna Dewey Seniors President – Tyler Toedtli Vice President – Haruki Takada Treasurer – Ben […]

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Winter Wishes Underway

Camas High school ASB members are doing their annual Winter Wishes event. Winter Wishes is a fun way to give students and staff at this school the things they might want. The way Winter Wishes works is that people submit something they want to receive or give to a friend. ASB then grants the wish. […]

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Papermaker Pride

Autumn is a time to celebrate traditions, and after kicking off another school year, the students of Camas High School celebrated one of their favorites.  Homecoming is an annual tradition that has been held for many years.  This tradition of welcoming students back to school helps to create unity and pride. Homecoming week was held […]