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Everybody Has A Story: Lily Walsh

Camas High School Junior Lily Walsh is someone who loves singing and acting. When they arrived at CHS their freshmen year they engrossed themselves fully in the Theatre scene. Even though they became more involved with theatre in middle school and high school the passion for it started early.  The love of theatre and singing […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Natalie Ge

Camas High School Junior Natalie Ge is a very talented calligrapher. Before Ge picked up calligraphy she started with bullet journaling and letterforms. Bullet journaling is a popular art form that involves decorating pages within one notebook. Many people use them as planners or as a way to involve drawings in their daily use. Ge […]


Everyone Has A Story: Keilee Siefer

Camas High School Senior Keilee Siefer decided to take journalism because she admires the teacher, Kate Hunting, and looks up to her as a mentor. She formed a great friendship with Hunting during her sophomore year, while taking her English Class. Siefer has a passion for writing and her favorite subject in school is English. […]

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Everyone has a Story: Danny Macias

Camas High School Senior Danny Macias joined journalism because she was recommended by one of her former English teachers. She said, “My teacher at the time, Tom Sawyer nominated me for journalism and thought I would be a good fit. I didn’t think so, but I went anyway.” Macias cares about telling stories because she […]

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How Art and Design Classes Are Operating Remotely

Even with the uncertainty of the 2020-2021 school year, many students still decided to forecast for the well-liked art and design classes offered at Camas High School. Due to the continuation of remote learning, quite a few of these classes have proven to be more difficult than in previous years. CHS website design, architecture, engineering/CAD, […]

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Keeping Busy in Quarantine

Quarantine has had a huge effect on many Americans, particularly those stuck inside most hours of the day. With this huge shift in daily routines leaving many feeling disoriented or bored, entertaining hobbies are a good way to regain some semblance of normalcy. Trying new hobbies is also an effective way to stay busy during […]

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IAA Artist Residencies

The Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA) program provides numerous opportunities to work with professionals in artistic fields. Most recently, musician Emily Aldridge has come in for a residency; that residency began Tuesday, December 4th. In IAA, artist residencies provide an opportunity for students to experience new art forms and gain new information from professionals in […]

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Voice the Art

Voices, all of them speaking out for their own cause. These are causes and topics that need to be talked about more. Spreading the word and getting recognition is the first step to making the change. In Camas High School, some teachers use units that they are teaching to talk about issues that need to […]