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Pushing the Pledge

Across the country, people are watching NFL players choose to sit or stand during the national anthem. At Camas High School, a similar issue is happening around the Pledge of Allegiance. Students hear the Pledge every day, but not everyone is reciting or even standing. It is not a national requirement to stand and recite […]

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Spreading Joy Internationally

After months of rain and snow, the sun finally came out to celebrate the first day of spring. March 20 also marks d International Day of Happiness. A group in Portland is doing the best they can to spread joy to all. This Joy team has worked since 2010 to a make people’s lives better […]

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Women’s History Month: Susan B. Anthony

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” It is a statement that molded this country and the rights it has. Although, thanks to the efforts of Susan B. Anthony, a leader, the face of the movement, and a woman, these rights have been extended to both sexes. Anthony, born […]

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Trump: Give Him a Chance, Heal the Divide

Togetherness in a Trump Nation Almost a month ago, Donald Trump became President-Elect. The election revealed just how deep the divide in America is. The morning after the election, people in cities across the country rioted, they cried out in protest at the injustice of it all. No one believed the man who demeaned women, […]

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After the Storm

Promoting Acceptance After a Whirlwind Election The Presidential election rocked the United States, leaving many feeling hopeless, fearful, excited, or perhaps confused. No matter what emotion each American experienced, it seems as though everyone has some sort of commentation on what happened; citizens across the country felt the need to express their feelings about the […]

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Why is This Election Important To You?

Staff members of The Camasonian asked students: “Why is this election important to you?” “This country is in need of a change. We need someone who has not been tried for crime because that sends the wrong message to the next generation.” – Senior “The sense of representation needs to be increased among young people. […]