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The Vaping Epidemic

Whether it is students vaping in the bathroom between classes, students doing it in the middle of class, or a vape pen causing a school-wide evacuation during an AP exam, vaping is an obvious problem at Camas High School, and it appears it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Years ago, schools struggled with students […]

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Saturday School at CHS

With the loss of In-School Suspension (ISS) and the addition of Saturday School, questions might be raised as to why the change was made. Saturday School provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon their actions while not missing educational opportunities. ISS was pulling kids out of class for something that might have occured in […]


Conference Period: Careless or Caring?

Conference period exists so students can come in and get help from their teachers, but are they taking full advantage of the time? While teachers open their classrooms to offer extra help, some students stand and socialize with friends, while some shoot hoops in the gym, and others simply go home. The Camas High School […]