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Commitment Day: The New COVID-19 Journey of College Applications

While so many people this year had to focus on the struggles of our monotonous lives through a pandemic, the class of 2021 seniors had the added pressure of applying for colleges in a time like no other. While the college application process stayed the same, there were many things that were new and needed […]

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Counselors and Senior Advice on College Applications

With college applications on the horizon, Camas High School counselors advise students on how to make and prepare for outstanding college applications. For CHS students, one thing that is weighing heavily on them is plans after graduation. High school can be a fun, yet extremely stressful time, and guidance is much needed during this time. […]

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Maintaining Mental Health Through A Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak means school is closed through the end of the year with no known return date, and this lack of structure and a world filled with unknowns can really do a number on a person’s psyche. Maintaining mental wellness is critical for both students and staff during these times of uncertainty. “It’s easy […]

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Class of 2020 Advice: Ms. Wise

Dear Class of 2020, So, what kind of advice can I give you for this wild and crazy year? Your class always has been kind of “epic”! You started school in the year of 9/11 and are now exiting school in a pandemic. In like a lion, out like a lion – with a ROAR! […]

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A Guide to Teachers: Mr. Minder

There are a number of teachers throughout Camas High School who have been around long enough to earn a well-known reputation among students. I’m here to make your lives a little easier by interviewing these teachers and giving you some words of advice. I’ll also be talking to some veteran students as well as a […]

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Dear Freshmen…

A compilation of senior advice As this school year comes to a close, graduation is nearing for the seniors of Camas High. Before they depart, The Camasonian asked these upperclassmen to impart some wisdom upon their fellow students, especially the incoming freshmen! While we received a mixed bag of both serious and comical advice, please […]