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Get to Know: CHS Principal Mr. Morris

Camasonian 2020 Co-Editors-in-Chief Will Hansen and Chase Muro recently interviewed newly named CHS Principal Mr. Tom Morris. Here is what they found out about his interview process, his experience, and his plans for CHS: C: How did you feel the interview process went? Were you nervous or confident going into the interview? TM: “I was […]

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Selecting English Books

English classes have involved reading novels and various other books for a long time. The current lineup of books features engaging and often socially relevant stories; this brings forth the question, how do these books get selected? As well as inviting curiosity into how students and teachers view their reading materials. At Camas High School, […]

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Maker Time Refresh

On the 28th of January, the start of the second semester at CHS, administrators decided to change the school schedule, altering the way Maker Time functions. Instead of being held after sixth period, the new schedule has it preceding sixth period. But that is not the only change: students now need passes from teacher to leave […]

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The Future of Maker Time

On Friday, December 14th, CHS students in Mrs. Sarah Widdop’s AP Language classes presented to administration about revising Maker Time. Prior to the presentstions, the students wrote a conclusion/call-to-action paragraph in response to a prompt. This prompt directed the students to explain their “position on Maker Time and provide possible considerations CHS teachers and administrators should […]

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Homecoming Review

Homecoming has been a high school tradition for years. It is a chance for students to dress up, gather together, and have a night of fun that is free of school responsibilities. People rent limos, get their hair and makeup done, and purchase corsages for their dates (whom they may or may not have asked […]

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Saturday School at CHS

With the loss of In-School Suspension (ISS) and the addition of Saturday School, questions might be raised as to why the change was made. Saturday School provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon their actions while not missing educational opportunities. ISS was pulling kids out of class for something that might have occured in […]

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Dress for Success… at School

Across the country, high school students test their schools’ dress codes for a variety of reasons. Here at Camas High School, administrators created a school dress code to keep the distraction level for students at a minimum. While everyone can agree that school should be a focused learning environment, some argue whether wardrobe choices are […]

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Returning students have found Camas High School very different. New bells, new classes, and new faces. A face that the students might not recognize is the face of the new Associate Principal. Born in the Philippines, Tim Fox moved to Southern California with his family when he was seven years old. Growing up, he attended […]